Twiggs County Sheriff Makes Bust At Self Storage Facility

The Twiggs County Sheriff's department made another bust yesterday at a local self storage facility. The bust occurred at roughly four thirty in the afternoon after a three day stake out by detectives. Young adults in their mid twenties were using the self storage facility as a place to store drugs, money, and other illegal paraphernalia. Three young adults were busted while trying to gain access to their self storage unit by eight detectives, who were tipped off by the facilities management that something didn't seem right about the young men coming and going as much as they did. This is the third bust in Twiggs County in the last year that has involved someone using a self storage unit for illegal purposes.

Self storage facilities have become more frequently used over the last couple of years as a means to hide illegal activity for a number of reasons. The illegal activity is not on their own property and is also not on them most of the time. Also, most self storage facilities are poorly managed, and often offer lousy security, which makes it easy for these jabronis to come and go as they please while breaking the law. The Twigg County Sheriff's department was shocked during the second bust of the year, when an elderly couple was caught growing more than fifty marijuana plants in a large self storage unit. I want to commend the officers who helped make this last bust, as they have been doing a great job keeping Twigg County safe.